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p>This is a smaller version of our brand’s top product Gvibe Grabbit. The Grabbit Mini, just like its older brother, has ears, and it has not 2 motors, but as many as 3!/p>p>Why is this needed? Not all women enjoy direct stimulation of the clitoral head. Some women, during orgasm, get an unpleasant feeling that caresses are too strong, and touching the clitoris is unpleasant. But if you caress the clitoris on the sides, then the stimulation is more gentle, and in combination with the powerful vibration of the vaginal part of the device, you are guaranteed a deep, long orgasm./p>p>br>/p>p>The “ears” of our rabbit hug the clitoris and gently massage it from both sides. Each ear has its own motor so that the stimulation is voluminous and even. The motor of the vaginal part is more powerful, roaring. The device has 6 stimulation modes, and each can be adjusted in intensity. You will definitely find the one you like!/p>p>br>/p>p>As is always the case with our devices, we put numerous use options into the toy. For example, you can choose not to insert Grabbit Mini vaginally but simply attach the ears to the clitoris and the vaginal part to the perineum (the area between the entrance to the vagina and the anus is very sensitive and will definitely enjoy this)./p>p>br>/p>p>Grabbit Mini adapts perfectly to your anatomy. To create it, we used our patented Bioskin material – soft and gentle, it is odorless and quickly adapts to body temperature so that the sensations of caresses are as realistic as possible./p>p>br>/p>p>Another distinctive detail is the special handle design. We have designed it so that you can easily operate the device even with wet hands since Grabbit Mini is completely waterproof, and nothing should stop you from taking it with you to the shower or bath./p>p>br>/p>p>The small size of Grabbit Mini makes it a great option as a first sex toy./p>p>br>/p>p>We have thought of everything. You can just enjoy./p>
Ean 5060320510882 Hs code 90191010 Weight 0.145000 Barcode 5060320510882 Brand G-Vibe Materials Steel, Bioskin Country of origin China (EAN: 5060320510882)




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Gvibe - Grabbit Mini Dolce Violet (5060320510882)G-Vibe – G-Rabbit Mini – Dolce Violet (5060320510882)
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